Horses Warped on an Altering Canvas (2015)

‘Horses Warped on an Altering Canvas’ is a ‘moving’ portrait of a young woman engaging in an everyday ritual of ‘mirror checking’, which is a common symptom associated with Body Dysmorphia (BDD).

The psychological intent behind the piece aims to bring together the subject and the viewer: we watch from behind the mirror whilst the subject looks into it, not knowing we are there.

Whilst the duration of the work gradually exposes the tension that builds up internally within the subject, the silence enables us to study the subject in a contemplative way.  The subject is completely absorbed by her reflection, a reflection, we the viewer cannot see, as the mirror only captures her own perception of reality….horse like shapes moving in and around her face.


31 sec clip of 6 mins 37 secs.

Longer clip can be viewed @