SenseCam Project (2010)

The ‘SenseCam’ Project was part of the final year of a two year residency based at Ysbyty Gwynedd, North Wales. The project involved working closely with Professor Linda Clare, (School of Psychology, University of Bangor) on a project that involved working with the research material captured by the Microsoft ‘SenseCam’.

Brett states: “Photographs taken with the ‘SenseCam’ are objective facts, moments that are captured but are not thought about in the same way as with other cameras. Memories on the other hand are selective, at times blurred and intensively subjective.”

Whilst viewing the footage Brett was drawn to the images that were more abstract, more aesthetic and ambiguous and decided to create two pieces of work in response to the images.


SenseCam 1 uses the more abstract imagery as a metaphor that shows the deterioration of the cells and neurons in the brain affected by Alzheimer’s disease, emerged in the interior sounds of the body to intensify and draw the viewer into the work.

52 sec clip of 8 mins 30 secs.


SenseCam 2 is more about the experience of managing Alzheimers, on a day to day basis, from the perspective of a loving couple. The viewer is taken on a journey through subdued dreamlike imagery penetrated by clear, determined, yet gentle words.

1 min clip of 11 mins 40 secs.